New Player of the Year Points

HHI Chapter Tournament Points System

Player of the Year is determined by Individual Events and Team Events. Individual Stableford, Professional's Championship, and Hilton Head Open are under current point system. Pro-Assistant, Pro-Pro Events we are using a new points system as well as the Individual Match Play. Point Systems are listed below...
Individual Stroke Play Events
Place Points Awarded Place Points Awarded
1st Place 25 9th Place 8
2nd Place 22 10th Place 7
3rd Place 18 11th Place 6
4th Place 15 12th Place 5
5th Place 12 13th Place 4
6th Place 11 14th Place 3
7th Place 10 15th place 2
8th Place 9 Participation 1


Team Stroke Play Events   Match Play
Place Points Awarded   Place Points Awarded
1st Place 10    1st place 25 
2nd Place  9   2nd Place  22 
3rd Place  8   3rd Place  18 
4th Place  7   4th Place  15 
5th Place   6   5th-8th Place 
6th Place   5   9th-16th Place 
7th Place   4     17th-32nd Place 1
8th Place   3       
9th Place  2       
Participation   1      


2017 Player of the Year


2016 Player of the Year
Congratulations Matt Bova!!